Luke Gottelier was born in 1968 in London.
Between 1988 and 2000 he studied at Maidstone School of Art, Exeter School of Art, Hull School of Art and Norwich School of Art.
He lives in London and is represented by Ancient & Modern, London.





Selected Exhibitions

Luke Gottelier and Max Lamb, Kate MacGarry, London May-June 2014

2013 Mata Hari, Ancient & Modern, London
2011 Newspeak II, Saatchi Gallery, London
2011 Tie Paintings, Ancient & Modern at 3 Yeoman’s Row, London
2010 La Boutique de Bart Wells, Brompton Road, London,
2008 Songs of Love and Hate, Ancient & Modern, London
2007 Dart Paintings, Kate MacGarry, London
2005 Hot Spots, Essl Collection, Vienna, 2005
2003 Luke Gottelier, Kate MacGarry, London
2002 John Moores 22, The Walker, Liverpool, 2002
2002 Another Shitty Day in Paradise, Bart Wells Institute, London,
2002 Reality Check, British Council exhibition toured to Ljubliana, London, Zagreb, Prague, Cracow, Riga
1999 Near & Elsewhere, Photographers Gallery, London, 
1998 Nobody Helps Anybody, Deutsch Britische Freundschaft, London, 1998
1998 Surfacing, ICA, London


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